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In the year 1900 Georg Simmel wrote these words: [my emphasis]
"Money in the modern world is more than a standard of value and a means of exchange. Over and above its economic functions, it symbolizes and embodies the modern spirit of rationality, of calculability, of impersonality."
In 1979 Roy Rappaport observed that money can disrupt complex systems:
" Its ability to penetrate whatever barriers may have protected previously autonomous systems against outside disruption rests upon its most peculiar and interesting property: it annihilates distinctions.
From Roy Rappaport's masterwork "Ecology, Meaning and Religion" I quoted above about money, also has another chapter "Sanctity and Lies in Evolution" about even deeper, necessary and ubiquitous human language creations!

Here is a radical constructivist interpreting Autopoiesis.

At another level, I read a lot about INFORMATION as if the idea had one settled meaning. This, I believe is a serious error and here is an in-depth exploration.

I take it that an invisible presupposition can wreck an otherwise compelling argument.

Virtual as more real!
"In a curious way, this recapitulates an unshakable intuition that has been ubiquitously expressed throughout the ages. This is the belief in a disem­bodied spirit or immortal “pilgrim soul” that defines that part of a person that is not “of the body” and is not reducible to the stuff of the material world."
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